One Year to go!!

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Today is 1 year until our big day! I just know that its going to fly by and I'm trying to get organized. The registry office, wedding reception and the wedding car are all booked. Everything else just needs to fall into place now.

This last week or so Ive been browsing a few blogs and getting idea's together of what we'd like. I have so many idea's in my head. I'm making mood board's to piece together what we'd both like. Keeping it all vintage. We're going to try to make as much as possible to keep the cost down but also i feel it makes it more unique and special.

My favorite blogs at the moment for getting ideas are - a beautiful mess, Etsy and Ruffled. These are amazing at finding ideas,diy, crafting and reading about others peoples weddings :)
 I adore these amazing recycled glass jars used for drinking with the cutest paper straws!
Lace fabric diy glass jars with ribbon for tea lights- Found on etsy
I adore this photo and hope to create something similar. My lovely friend Keri-Anne is going to be doing a photo shoot of me and my fiance this August. We're so very excited about this. This will give us time to feel comfortable and play about with styles. Keri-Anne is also our wedding photographer and i want her to feel relaxed doing what she does best! Her photos are incredible (see below) and i recommend you go straight to her blog after you've read ours :)

Its nearly the weekend so i hope all of you have a lovely couple of days off
Much Love
Lulu x

(Pictures from Pinterest and Gingerlillytea Photography)

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