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Ive always been a keen blog reader and love readings about people's lives. I always wanted to start my own blog up but never had the confidence. It wasn't until recently that i thought you know what i have nothing to lose. I wanted to document everything from the time we got engaged up to the wedding day.

Today this post is about my all time favorite wedding blog-

I first came across Ruffled was when my dear friend Katrina from Australia told me about it. I was struggling to find somewhere online to look at inspiration and read peoples experiences of planning their wedding. I'd never heard of Ruffled before and as soon as I clicked on the link I fell in love! Each and every wedding was different. I adored how they put together the features from the dress to the table settings. Ruffled is set out perfectly to find what you want. I came across so many ideas for ours. It also tells you what music they had for their first song, who designed the dress, the location of the wedding. I can't describe how amazing it truly is. I highly recommend any bride getting married to go on there. You'll end up spending hours browsing each indivisible wedding. Oh and they also do engagement shoots which is oh so beautiful too :)

Please go check it out and let me know what you think.
Have a great Bank Holiday Monday :)

Much love 

Lulu (This is my nickname by the way. Just in case you didn't know.)

P.S Today we did our engagement photo shoot and i cant wait to show all of you! Eeeeee! Should have the photos by next week. xx

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My best friend. My chief bridesmaid.

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As soon as myself and Paul got engaged I just knew who was going to be my chief bridesmaid! My best friend Hannah. We've been friends since school and always had so many things in common. Our aspect on life is so similar. There was a couple of years when we didn't see each other but it didn't change our friendship.

Hannah was there for me when i had my ups and downs at school. We even wrote each other letters about our feelings, who we liked and what music we loved. We still do it today and I have kept all of them in my memory box. I just know that we are going to grow old together and still be the best of friends.
A part from being one of my closest friends Hannah is one talented lady. At school she was very much into her drama and her style changed over the years. I remember us both wearing over sized jumpers of our then favorite bands and listening to Incubus in the playground on our lunch breaks. I loved staying at her house and having sleepovers in her amazing bedroom. I admired her so much growing up through our teenage years. 

The photos on this blog today are all done by Hannah and i'm so very proud of her. The photo shoot above was shot on a very cold winters day. I had no idea what i was doing so just daydreamed and did whatever came into my head. Loved it even if i was freezing to death! In the middle picture Hannah is wearing the necklace i got her for Christmas. We have matching ones and i wear it pretty much everyday. The top picture is us enjoying a rather large 99 ice cream at Abington Park. It was a hot summers day and we strolled around the park and fed the duckies.
 The last photo are my pasty white legs and one of my favorite summer dresses a couple of years ago and this was the same day as the ice cream photo. 

I really cant wait to start our adventure of organizing my bridal shower and wedding. And generally growing old together. I have so many ideas that we can do on our craft evenings. From collecting glass jars to photobooth masks! I know im going to be ok and calm leading up to my wedding with a best friend like her :)

Best Friends Forever! <3 

Not long till the weekend and i hope you all have a great one!:)

Please check out Hannah's work below:
and also add her on instagram ivory faces too.

(All photos are by Ivory Faces) 
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