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Ive always been a keen blog reader and love readings about people's lives. I always wanted to start my own blog up but never had the confidence. It wasn't until recently that i thought you know what i have nothing to lose. I wanted to document everything from the time we got engaged up to the wedding day.

Today this post is about my all time favorite wedding blog-

I first came across Ruffled was when my dear friend Katrina from Australia told me about it. I was struggling to find somewhere online to look at inspiration and read peoples experiences of planning their wedding. I'd never heard of Ruffled before and as soon as I clicked on the link I fell in love! Each and every wedding was different. I adored how they put together the features from the dress to the table settings. Ruffled is set out perfectly to find what you want. I came across so many ideas for ours. It also tells you what music they had for their first song, who designed the dress, the location of the wedding. I can't describe how amazing it truly is. I highly recommend any bride getting married to go on there. You'll end up spending hours browsing each indivisible wedding. Oh and they also do engagement shoots which is oh so beautiful too :)

Please go check it out and let me know what you think.
Have a great Bank Holiday Monday :)

Much love 

Lulu (This is my nickname by the way. Just in case you didn't know.)

P.S Today we did our engagement photo shoot and i cant wait to show all of you! Eeeeee! Should have the photos by next week. xx

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