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Hey Lovely's!
Hope your all having a wonderful day and enjoying the autumn weather. Its my favorite season and i love getting cozy in wooly jumpers and scarfs. It hasn't been very nice today to be honest though. I love the cold but not rain! Heavy Rain at that! Hope everyone has been keeping wrapped up to stop you getting a cold.

Today is a small post that my sister Daisy has put together and i'm so happy she wanted to do a little post for us. Daisy is rather excited about being a bridesmaid and getting dressed up for a special occasion! Enjoy! (No negative feedback please-She is only 9)

October 2012-

I'm so excited for Laura and Paul's wedding it is going to be great. I am quite nervous to be a bridesmaid as i have never been one before. This will also be my first wedding i've been too! I have seen my dress and it is gorgeous. Its is cream lace with pretty flowers on the front and a bow on the back, i just love it! We have been talking about hair styles lately and i think i know how id like my hair. Looking forward to having it done on the day :)  I'm so excited for everyone to see the wedding car because its the most beautiful car i've ever seen, I cant tell you what type of car it is as its a secret!  The wedding is in June so i'm hoping its going to be a warm day. I cant wait to sing and dance with my big sister Laura,  its going to be the best summer ever!

Love Daisy xx

Only a short post but means so much to me how excited Daisy is :) Truly grateful to have an amazing family <3
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Bridal Block...

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Hey Everyone!
Hope your all well and having a great weekend? I feel so bad for not posting anything on here for weeks. I'm having what i call 'Bridal block' and have been typing posts that i want to do but i end up not posting. I don't know what it is and why i feel like i cant post them. I have so many ideas running through my head and a few posts in my saved file.  I'm gradually going to be posting them on here over the next few hours. I'd like to ask my readers if you can give me advice on planning out my blog posts? :)

Much love

Lulu xx
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Pinterest Love

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Hello Lovely's! 
Well i caved in and signed up to Pinterest a few weeks back and i have to say its my new addiction! I already have Instagram and Twitter but with this anything i see for the wedding i can just 'pin it' onto my board. It makes it a lot easier for me to build ideas together and collect inspiration. I'm rather rubbish at remembering to sit down and do mood boards. Also trying to find the time as well can be tricky. At least this way i wont forget what i've seen! I have 11 boards on my profile so far from 'Wedding', 'Bridesmaid Ideas', 'All things pastel' and 'Love'. I have quite a few things pinned so far in each category as i went a bit mad as soon as i signed up :) Do you have Pinterest? What are you usernames so i can follow?

Hope your all having a lovely weekend! xx

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