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Hello Lovely's! 
Well i caved in and signed up to Pinterest a few weeks back and i have to say its my new addiction! I already have Instagram and Twitter but with this anything i see for the wedding i can just 'pin it' onto my board. It makes it a lot easier for me to build ideas together and collect inspiration. I'm rather rubbish at remembering to sit down and do mood boards. Also trying to find the time as well can be tricky. At least this way i wont forget what i've seen! I have 11 boards on my profile so far from 'Wedding', 'Bridesmaid Ideas', 'All things pastel' and 'Love'. I have quite a few things pinned so far in each category as i went a bit mad as soon as i signed up :) Do you have Pinterest? What are you usernames so i can follow?

Hope your all having a lovely weekend! xx

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