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Hey Lovely's!
Hope your all having a wonderful day and enjoying the autumn weather. Its my favorite season and i love getting cozy in wooly jumpers and scarfs. It hasn't been very nice today to be honest though. I love the cold but not rain! Heavy Rain at that! Hope everyone has been keeping wrapped up to stop you getting a cold.

Today is a small post that my sister Daisy has put together and i'm so happy she wanted to do a little post for us. Daisy is rather excited about being a bridesmaid and getting dressed up for a special occasion! Enjoy! (No negative feedback please-She is only 9)

October 2012-

I'm so excited for Laura and Paul's wedding it is going to be great. I am quite nervous to be a bridesmaid as i have never been one before. This will also be my first wedding i've been too! I have seen my dress and it is gorgeous. Its is cream lace with pretty flowers on the front and a bow on the back, i just love it! We have been talking about hair styles lately and i think i know how id like my hair. Looking forward to having it done on the day :)  I'm so excited for everyone to see the wedding car because its the most beautiful car i've ever seen, I cant tell you what type of car it is as its a secret!  The wedding is in June so i'm hoping its going to be a warm day. I cant wait to sing and dance with my big sister Laura,  its going to be the best summer ever!

Love Daisy xx

Only a short post but means so much to me how excited Daisy is :) Truly grateful to have an amazing family <3
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  1. A perfect post. She is so wonderful x

  2. Awww! This is just the sweetest post! That's really special that Daisy is going to be a bridesmaid. How lovely and exciting. :)

  3. Ahhh this is so lovely Laura! Bless her. Is she the only bridesmaid you are having? x