DIY - Crafting Moments

Hey lovelys!

For the last few months i've been making/collecting certain things for our wedding/wedding reception. One of which is making a Sparkly Cupcake bag for my youngest sister Tilly-Bluebell. As a flower girl i wanted her to have something that'll stand out, be extra special on the day and something she'll treasure forever. I brought a ready made paper cupcake from my local craft shop and used a hot glue gun to stick on sparkly fake diamonds. I'm half way through decorating the cupcake and will post another picture once i've finished. I got the idea from the Sex in the City movie. I checked to see how much that one was from the film and it was more than our wedding is costing! Ekk! Here's what i've done so far -

After nearly 3 hours i managed to do the top part of the cupcake! My hands hurt afterwards but Im liking how it turned out :) The biro circles are where Im going to cut out the holes for the ribbon handle to go. Fingers crossed it works!!
Cant wait to post the finished cupcake.

Much love
Lulu xx

(All pictures taken with my iPhone 4s)

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  1. Aww this is lovely!
    She'll just adore it when's it's finished and will be such an amazing keep sake! Will take forever tho lol!
    Our theme was butterflies and the lil flower girl ( my lil 2 year old cousin wore fairy wings lol) she loved running about tho never know really what was happening!
    Hugs Mel xx

    1. Thank you! I really do hope Tilly-Bluebell does love it! She did say last weekend that she wanted to wear Rapunzals wedding dress which I thought was cute!:)

  2. She is going to love it!!!! Xxxx