Last Night - Dinner with friends

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I went round to my friend Indias last night and had dinner with her. We try and take turns going round each others and cooking dinner and chilling out. India made a yummy haddock and prawn chowder which she'd never made before. I have to say it was good for a for a first attempt. I had mine with a couple of slices of wheat free bread and a butter. It was that good i had another small bowl of it! Nom! For dessert it was warm golden syrup sponge with a spoon of cream. Looking forward to India coming round to ours next week for my turn of cooking. Going to have a look through my cook books later to get some ideas. 

Does anyone have any recipes i could try? I don't eat meat but love fish and eat quorn. I love trying out new recipes so more the merrier :)

Much love
Lulu xx

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1 comment

  1. oh you are making me so hungry! love your orange soup pot. ;)

    madlyn xx