Pinterest Weekly - Bridal Shower/Party ideas

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Today for my weekly Pinterest its all about my bridal shower/party so even though i have no clue whats being planned i still like to pin ideas :) I'm really looking forward to what my bestie has in store for it. As some of you may know i love all things pastel coloured and adore cute simple things. Here are a few of my pins i love this week - 

Pretty table layout. Mint greens, baby pink and ivory. Stunning flowers. Maybe have my fave flowers?

I have a rather sweet tooth for macaroons. The best ones i've had so far were from Fortnum & Mason when i went for Afternoon Tea with my Grandma. We currently don't have a good patisserie/bakers that sell these in our town. If i ever had money id definitely buy a cute place to sell these as well as cupcakes!

The idea of lavender and honey together just sounds divine! Would like to try and find a recipe for this to try at home. And what girl doesn't love drinking from a mason jar and straw!

Cake pops are not only cute but also small and bite sized for parties. I have made a few of these and there pretty easy to make, I think the first time you do anything its always a bit finicky. I have a similar idea for our wedding reception but they'll be in another post :)

Id love some sort of crafting afternoon at my bridal shower or something for us all to get involved in. Be sure to check out my Pinterest for all my other ideas, the link for it is on the left hand side of my blog. I look forward to posting next weeks Pinterest weekly.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Much love
Lulu xx

(All pictures taken from my Pinterest board)

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1 comment

  1. Ah i love them all! So adore that lemonade. Might have to try that this Summer. :)