Snow Day!!

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Well i woke up this morning with hardly any snow on the ground so was a little disappointed. Then a couple of hours later i went to go and to get some electric as we were running low. It turned into a blizzard! Thankfully i brought myself some snow boots last year in the sale just in case snow days like this happened. I love the snow. The large snow flakes falling onto the ground, covering all the paths, the trees and roof of houses. Its truly beautiful. The only thing i don't like is when it starts to melt and it turns to slush!

 My snow boots kept my feet warm and dry. Pretty white blankets of snow.

The guy at the top of the street had awesome style! Tweed jacket, Russian hat and doctors brief case.

 Myself, India, and my two best friends Keri-Anne and Hannah are off to The Vintage Bridal Show this Sunday. I just hope the trains aren't affected to badly. Wouldn't wont to miss out on such a great event. I'll be posting about it next week whatever happens.
Hope everyone stays safe and keeps wrapped up warm. I'm currently snuggled on the sofa with Sookie waiting for Paul to finish work. Fingers crossed he gets sent home early :) Thinking about doing some baking to warm up a  bit. Hmm now what to bake...

Love Lulu xx

(All pictures taken with my iPhone 4s)
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