I meet up with my dear friend Keri-Anne and her beautiful girls. We walked to her favorite place for her to do a photo shoot. I played with her girls Elle and Mia whilst she took photos, I took a sneaky picture of her hehe! Mia kept treading on my wellies which made us both laugh and giggle, then Elle and i tried to make snow angels but it wasn't thick enough to do so. It was so cold out! We made sure we stayed wrapped up warm and i really don't know how Keri-Anne managed to stand in the cold in a summer dress. She looked stunning, one beautiful 'Snow fairy' and the pictures looked amazing! After Keri-Anne finished we all went back to hers for a hot chocolate. Then i came home, i had another warm drink and then tidied/cleaned the house. Sookie wanted some cuddles and a play around. Then i started making dinner of veggie casserole which was yummy! Complete with veggie dumplings! After i made dinner i sat down and started on a few blog posts whilst i waited for Paul to get home.

Did everyone have a good evening? What did you get up to? :)

Much love

Lulu xx

(I apologize for the poor quality photos!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Blooming freezing but loved every minute. Mimi was so funny running around after me and giggling!:) xx

  2. love this post and have been meaning to comment! seeing your view of the lovely snow day is wonderful. such a darling pic of you dear, you are so sweet!

    madlyn x

    1. Awww thank you darling! YOU are so sweet!

      Lulu xx