Happy Valentines Day!

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Hello lovely's
This morning Paul woke me up early to wish me Happy Valentines before heading out to work. He ran me a bath with lots of bubbles and once i was dressed i went downstairs and saw he'd left me a card on the dining room table. It was the cutest card and its his tradition that he gets me a Tatty Teddy card. Each year its different but i love each one and will keep them forever. I have a box i keep everything he gives me or things we do together. Its a special box i can always look in and remember those memories of our adventures. He's working 8-5pm today so I've got the whole day to prepare the house for our meal this evening. I'm thinking of making banners and pom poms to hang from the ceiling. Like I've said in a previous post we always get a yummy meal from M&S. For £20 you get a starter, main, dessert, a box of chocolates and a bottle of fizz. We decided not to get each other anything because of the wedding coming up so this suits us both perfectly. To be honest i have a gift everyday and that's waking up to a wonderful Fiance and my soon to be husband. Yes i know gushy gushy lovey lovey stuff right there haha! 

I shall be taking photos throughout today/this evening and will post them on here tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful day whatever your up to! Do you have any plans? What did you get from your loved one?

Much love
Lulu xx

(Picture taken on my iphone 4s)
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