Outfit Of The Day - Happy Birthday Handsome!

Today is my fiances birthday so I'd like to wish him a very Happy Birthday! Its crazy to think that this is the last birthday before we are husband and wife, and once its my birthday in July we'll be married! Arghhh! Crazy how time goes by so quickly, its true when people say it'll fly by as it really does! 

We decided to take my camera with us to our Starbucks date this morning and snapped a few 'Outfit of the Day' photos.

Paul's outfit - Beanie - Carhartt, Sweater - Thrasher, Jacket - H&M, Jeans - H&M, Footwear - Vans half cab.

Lulu's outfit - Jacket - Henry Holland, Jumper - Lana del Ray for H&M, Maxi skirt - Topshop, Ankle socks - Topshop, Footwear - Vans, Bag - Topshop

I made Paul some Oreo pops which are Oreo biscuits covered in chocolate on a stick with your choice of decoration. In this case i used sprinkles and edible glitter, i thought the glitter would go down well and make them more of a celebration. I also made him a Oreo birthday cheesecake as well as i didn't have any eggs to make an actual cake. Both went down well and he said they taste great too!

Tonight we're off out for dinner at our favorite restaurant called The Seafood Cafe. We are also having a get together on Friday with our friends to celebrate which I'm excited about. I still cant decide what to wear but i need to be warm as I'm run down with a cold at the moment. Ive been taking my vitamins and drinking plenty of water so thinking positive!

Much love
Lulu xx

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