Pinterest Weekly - Home Sweet Home

Here are my favorite pictures Ive pinned from Pinterest this week -

The most adorable cottage door and the perfect colour. All most reminds me of The Secret Garden with the leaves and plants. One day i hope to have a home with a door like this.

I like the idea of having a seating area to look out the window, read a book and have a countryside view to look at. Just perfect.
I'm in need of a new sofa, this would look great along with the cushions too! Minimal but still have a vintage feel.

I'm loving the idea of finding an old TV set/stand and transforming it into a drinks cabinet. Paul loves a small glass of whiskey at the weekend so this would be perfect for all our bottles to sit in. Love the mustard colour too!
Duck egg blue kitchen! Its almost dreamy to have a old fashioned sink and taps, to look out of the window to a wonderful view or pretty flowers in the garden.

I fell in love with this picture as soon as i saw it! Very retro with the black and white flooring, 4 legged bath and a shelf unit used to keep your towels. Love it!

High ceilings, open space, clean colour scheme throughout, fresh breeze coming through the window and a roaring fire in the winter seasons. Beautiful.

Our plan to move to the country is on our minds a lot lately but were going to wait until after the wedding. There's no real rush but id like to be moved before i have a baby for sure. This house were in just isn't ideal for lugging a pram in and out, let alone room for a cot in our bedroom!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Im off into the kitchen to bake a cake :D

Much love
Lulu xx
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  1. Oh they are all so wonderful!! I want the same couch please! The color is perfect too.
    Have always dreamed of having a sink like the one you have pictured here. It is just so pretty and farm like. We have a large sink in our kitchen but it is metal.
    I hope you do move to the country! :)

    Madlyn xx