Snail Mail - Packages From Kat, Allison & Madlyn

I'm feeling very loved by my friends lately and i cherish every single one of them. I love getting surprises through the post and it makes me smile for the rest of the day. I hope they feel the same when i post things too. I received these packages last week and loved everything. Its the little things that mean a lot and when you get to a certain age you realize who your friends are. I look back 5 years and i'm not friends with half the people i use to be friends with, I'm very thankful for whose in my life right now. 

Gifts from Allison -
Adorable kitty postcard, glass tropical fish wine bottle topper, the most amazing tea with of course a kitty on the front, a book about love which is great and lollipop earrings from her trip to San Fransico. Oh and Save The Date stickers which are awesome and such a wonderful idea! Cant wait to visit!

Gifts from Kathryn -
The sweetest gift from Kat were two Cloth magazines that are great and have so many ideas inside. Love!

Gifts from Madlyn -
Super cute stickers, a lovely letter, an owl that M picked out and made a necklace for me, fat quarters of pretty fabrics with a seahorse charm attached the the ribbon, handmade fabric hairgrips, cupcake card set (so very me!), M's favorite teas with a 'how to' note, M's favorite dark chocolate with raspberries - this tasted amazing, flowering tea with a 'how to' note and a handmade headband which i adore!

I can't express anymore how much i loved opening each gift and I'll treasure them forever. Thank you sweet friends! I love you!

Much love to you all
Lulu xx

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  1. Ahh lovely packages! I love to get mail :) xo

  2. What fun! What was the occasion? These look like really fun packages! :)

  3. :) :) Hi darling,

    I have been feeling the same way about friendship lately. It is like a tiny bud that has blossomed into a stunning, beautiful flower. :) Thank you so much for letting me be one of your pen pals and being ever so sweet to me. I love getting mail from you. Your mail is the cutest!! I got my wonderful letter today and the sweet things inside. love it all and looking forward to writing you back.

    love to you,
    Madlyn xxxxx
    p.s. i do smile so big for the rest of the day when i get mail from you. :)