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Valentines Day is just around the corner so my picks i guess are a little love themed :) Enjoy!

Cute bunnies to hold your rings.

Heart shaped egg anyone?

Liberty valentines card. Loving the floral theme.

A photo album to share your Love Story. I'm liking this very much!

A perfect little number to wear for Valentines night from Topshop

Pampering package full of wonderful cruelty free products from Lush

For Valentines day Paul and I usually stay in, get dinner which we cook together from M&S and then watch movies or play on the wii. Its so expensive to go out for a meal these days but to be honest i love nights in. We have decided this year we're not getting each other anything because of the wedding coming up. I may have a little something that i've made but we wont tell him that! :)

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day? Or any traditions you do yearly?

Lulu xx

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