A Cheeky Treat - Chocolate Drop Raspberries

Hello dears!

I'm trying to eat more healthy these days with the wedding coming up soon but i still get that urge to eat a few chucks of chocolate. I have a terrible sweet tooth but also love the sourness from fruit so i came up with this idea after multitasking eating chocolate drops and raspberries. I found myself putting the chocolate drops in the middle of the raspberries and the sweet treat in your mouth together is wonderful. This idea has probably been done before but i thought I'd share with you just in case you haven't. These would be great for dinner parties, girls night or on a wedding dessert table. Simple and sweet!

What you'll need -

Fresh raspberries about 150g (Depends how many you want to make)
Dark chocolate drops 100g
White chocolate drops 100g

1. Firstly wash your raspberries, drain off excess water and then pat dry carefully with kitchen towel.
2. Get 2 chocolate drops and stuff each raspberry, alternating between the two flavours.
3. Get yourself a pretty bowl and serve to your guests or just indulge all to yourself.
A perfect simple snack or treat. Enjoy!

This post has come to you a little late due to having a power cut today so i do apologize! It was a nightmare as i was half way through baking cupcakes with a friend. It only took nearly 5 hours for the engineer to get the whole street back up and running. Frustrating to say the least! Did my fellow readers have a fun St Patricks Day/weekend? What did you get up to?

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. I LOVE raspberries - the are my favourite fruit and they go so well with chocolate xxx

  2. It's my new fave treat for sure :) xx