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Here are some helpful steps to get on Bloglovin:
  1. You will need to sign up with Bloglovin' at  You then get a page that gives you two options - Sign up via email, or through your Facebook account.
  2. You now need to Claim your blog by going to Account, and to go My Blog. Type your blog name in to the box or click on it if your blog name shows up in the drop down menu.
  3. Copy and paste the link into a new blog post on your blog.
  4. Go back to and click on Claim your blog. This should verify your blog, and the link should show up in your blog post.
To add a bloglovin widget in a blogspot blog, bloglovin has made the process easy as it could possibly be!
  1. Under your Account in, select Add a Follow button.
  2. A page will open with a variety of bloglovin' icons. Choose one that you like and click on the selected icon.
  3. A window will pop up that says Add Widget. Click on the Add Widget and your Layout page for your blog will automatically pop up. The bloglovin' widget will be at the top of your widget column. Simply drag it to the location you want, Save, and you're done!
 Hope this helps if your new to the Bloglovin world! 

Much love
Lulu xx
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