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Google Reader is going to be shutting down on the 1st July if you didn't know the news already,  I would so so love my wonderful readers (that's you) to follow me over on Bloglovin if you haven't already done. If you use Google Reader to follow my blog I recommend switching over as soon as you can :)

Its ever so easy to do the switch over, there will be an option once your logged into your Bloglovin account at the top of the page. Within 60 seconds you'll have all the blogs your following on Blogger onto your Bloglovin feed. 

For me Bloglovin is much simpler and quicker way for me to use and it will be for you too. Instead of scrolling through all the posts you get a quick title, photo and opening paragraph for each post. That way it's easier to find the posts that you want to read on a day to day basis. The other thing I'm LOVING is when you click on the post you want to read it takes you straight to the blog! Woo!
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Much love
Lulu xx

(Photo by ivoryfaces-2009)

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