Easter Weekend!

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Happy Easter everyone!

This weekend has been a busy one and I'm not happy with myself that I've left it this late to do my post. *sad face* I've had a lovely weekend with Paul and Sookie, today we had a bit of a lazy day at home. I cooked a veggie roast dinner with the yummiest yorkshire puddings ever! I have to say there the best ones I've cooked if I don't say so myself haha! 
To anyone (mainly my American friends) that doesn't know what a yorkshire pudding is, its a mixture made of eggs, flour and milk with a pinch of salt. Its then poured into a 12 hole muffin tin that has a small amount of hot sunflower oil, you then pour the mix into each hole and cook for 40 mins. They taste amazing and a Sunday roast wouldn't be the same without them!

Here are a few photos I have taken this weekend -

Part One - Good Friday
1. My adorable Sookie
2. Mini egg season
3. Gluten free choco crispy cakes. Recipe here
4. Bunny face treat bags
5. Beautiful Mia. Looking so much like Keri-Anne.
6. Elles perfect ginger locks
7. Outfit of the day. Everyday.
8. Picture perfect
9. I made my best friend Keri-Anne all pretty for a night in. We had girls night of dinner, make up, hair and blogging.

I shall be posting Part Two of my Easter weekend tomorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful time of egg hunting and spending time with family.

Much love
Lulu xx
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