Pinterest Weekly - Craft Finds

Hello dears!

As Easter is here this weekend I have gathered some of my favourite DIY's I've found on Pinterest. Now the plan for this week was for me to make a few I liked, but I just didn't have the time to get my supplies *sad face*. I do plan to make chocolate crispy cakes this afternoon, who doesn't love a Easter themed crispy cake?! :)


1. Super easy 'Bunny' and 'Lamb' paper bag masks
2. Yummy marshmallows in a jar, complete with bunny ears and a ribbon
3. DIY wooden bunnies on paper straws
4. Beautifully painted eggs
5. 'Bunny' eggs. Something easy for the kids to do

I have to say my favourite out of all of the ones I've choose is the paper bag masks. I know my little sister Tilly-Bluebell would love these to play with.

Yesterday I visited my family and I had a wonderful time seeing all the kids Easter crafts they've been doing at school/nursery. Josh came 1st and Daisy came 2nd for their decorative eggs which were amazing! Paul and I's don't have much planned for this weekend but I did go food shopping this morning for a veggie roast dinner on Sunday. Looking forward to having that and eating an Easter egg or two.

Do you have much planned for Easter weekend? :)

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. Great Pics :)

    Love Pinterest ♥

    Take a look at my new DIY
    DIY Stamped Dishcloth

  2. Such fun picks, honey! Loving the bunny masks too. :) I made some bunny ears for my mom and Wes our of wool sweater. I hope they like them!
    Congrats to Josh and Daisy! How fun that is!
    Your plans sound so nice and relaxing. I'll be going out to brunch and playing with my little fuzzy man. :)