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I'm feeling all lovey dovey at the moment so I've picked out my favourite pins from my Love pinterest board. Seeing chemistry in each picture makes it oh so magical. You can almost feel what their feeling. Enjoy!


1. Amelie is one of my fave all time films. I grew up watching many world cinema films but this will always be a special one for me.
2. A cute couple newly married. Magical.
3. Who doesnt love Gosling?! Omg! Dreamy.
4. Romeo and Juliet. No words. Perfect.
5. Married couple having a special moment.

Today I went to one of my best friends house Keri-Anne to help do a bit of spring cleaning and spend time with her girls. I stepped outside to make my walk to her house to find it was trying to snow again, I give up waiting for spring...its not coming haha! I had a moment of panic thinking about our wedding day, i really hope the sun is out for out of June. Arghhhhhh!!

Tonight Paul and I are having a date night at home with Chinese food, a bottle of wine and a movie. Looking forward to spending time with my love this weekend. I have Keri-Anne's little girl Mias 2nd birthday party this coming Sunday. Its crazy to think how quick 2 years goes, i remember the day Keri-Anne told me she was pregnant and watching her bump grow! 

Do any of my lovely readers have any plans for this weekend? I'd love to hear what your up to :)

Much love 
Lulu xx
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