Wedding Hair Trial

Hello dears!
How amazing is my hair?!
Last night i had my hair trial for my wedding with a couple of my bridesmaids. All day I'd been trying to find a picture of exactly what i wanted from two different styles. Could i find! For the past coupe of months I've been pinning hair styles onto Pinterest, so i figured if i take my iPad i can show my stylist the styles I'm after. Vicky is great and knew instantly what i wanted and i think because i was a hair stylist we were on the same level. We tweaked a few things here and there but finally got the style i was after. I didn't want to go home with my lovely do because i want it to be a surprise on the day so Vicky worked her magic and gave me a Audrey Hepburn style bun. I loved it!

My beautiful bridesmaids Hannah (chief bridesmaid) and India were next and i wanted them to have a style they felt comfortable with. Hannah wanted some pleats/plaits and her hair up, India wanted curls with a couple of plaits pinned up. Both the girls looked gorgeous and i look forward to the BIG day so we can show you what were having. For now here are pictures of our hair to go home with.

My other bridesmaids ill be doing their hair on the day myself, yes I'm crazy but it saves us money and plus their younger. Therefore i don't want to be spending money on a simple hair do that's easy.

I hope you enjoyed the read!:)

Much love
Lulu xx
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  1. Laura you are stunning! I cannot wait to see how your hair looks on the day x

  2. Hi lulu,
    My name is tori cat- I used to work with Paul at Phoenix in the good old days, over 10years ago now. Wow!! Long time ago.
    Just wanted to say, that I stumbled across this blog the other day via a link posted on instergram and its been a pleasure reading it.
    Congratulations on ur engagement by the way- not long to go now until ur big day. I know exactly the excitement u are going thru. My fiancé popped the question to me last year and we too are in the process of planning our wedding too. We are desperately trying to save the money, like u cutting corners where we can and making so much stuff our selves, but still have so much to do, so won't be tying the knot until next year.
    I have a blog too, (but not for our wedding unfortunately) - I use it more to promote my work, but things have been so hectic and free time doesn't come often, so my poor blog is a little dusty and in need of some fresh new posts. U can check it out at-
    If u check out my Instagram tori_cat you will find a few photos actually caught in the moment when my Prince Charming actually got on one knee and popped the question. I am very fortunate that his mum and brother were hiding in the bushes, taking secret photos for us :)
    I will certainly make sure to keep checking in, and I look forward to reading more of ur stories leading up to your big day.

    Give paul my love and a huge congratulations again to u both. Keep up the lovely blog, and good luck with all planning.


  3. So fun my sweet Laura! How nice to have a fancy hair day. :) Can't wait to see them on the BIG day!

    Madlyn xxxxx