Pinterest Weekly - Friday Favourites

Hello dears! 
I thought I'd change pinterest weekly up a little and show you my Friday Faves instead rather than focus on just one pin board every week. Enjoy!

1. Birdie Cloud kiddo sunnies by Miss James BLEUBIRD. I love them that much I ordered some for my future kiddo haha! (No I'm not even pregnant...yet)
2. Snoopy babe is the famous Instagram cat that is so darn cute! Huge fan over here :)
3. Lace, maxi skirts and Chanel is the perfect summer outfit
4. Pretty pastel nails
5. Summer days isn't complete without a picnic! Wouldn't mind the car either!!

This weekend we have a few things planned and I couldn't be more excited about spending time with my fiance Paul. Tomorrow we're going for a yummy cheap veggie breakfast in the morning, we have our friend coming round to discuss more details on our wedding cakes and then in the evening we have my maid of honor and her boyfriend coming round for dinner. Sunday we're going on a Starbucks Date as we haven't been for a few weeks and then have a look around the shops close by. I still have a few crafty things to purchase for the wedding so I'll be keeping an eye out for bits I need. 

Lately I've been feeling rather lucky to have such lovely loyal readers and I just want every single one of you to know how much I appreciate you visiting and leaving comments on my blog :) Thank you so so much!!

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. Haha that kitten is adorable. And that skirt - oh man, I would LOVE to have a piece like that in my wardrobe.

  2. Ah now i see why you wanted the glasses! I thought they were for you but then i saw they were kids so i was a bit confused. ;)
    Loving the picnic so much!

    Madlyn x

  3. love that picnic scene!! looks perfect.

    -Emma from little motley