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Its no secret that Paul & I want to have children in the next year or so. We already have names chosen and I dream most nights of having a baby. I have this board on Pinterest to gather ideas for our little ones whenever we may have them. Pretty much all of them are for little girls, maybe it'll be a sign!

1. The cutest autumn outfit
2. Little person bedroom
3. Kitty print dress!!!
4. Pretty things for a little girls bedroom
5. Adorable brogues from Zara kids
6. Perfect pinafore mint dress

Growing up being the eldest I've always loved kids and love it so much when my 4 year old sister comes to stay with us. I cant wait to be married and then can start thinking about baby planning yayyy!!!

This week has gone by so quickly and I'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend. Paul's Mum has been in hospital so I've been visiting her everyday (shes fine by the way, just a minor op). I also woke up with a full blown cold yesterday so I've been stocking up on my vitamins and cough medicine. Tonight I've organized a little get together for a dear friend of mine that's back from traveling. I haven't seen my friend Louise since 2011 and I'm super excited to see her and hear about all the adventures :)

Do you have much planned for tonight or this coming weekend?

Much love
Lulu xx
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1 comment

  1. Lovely finds sweet! That little bed room is to die for! :) And you know how i love that Fall outfit so!

    Madlyn x
    Hope you are feeling better xxxxxxxx