Things I Love - Picks Of The Week

Hello lovely's!

This week I'm picking my favourite TV shows I'm loving right now! Let me know if you watch any of them or can recommend something new to watch (hopefully I'm not watching it already hehe!) :D

Game of Thrones Season 3! 
OMG I watched the first episode yesterday with Paul and its going to be an amazing season.

Bates Motel Season 1
We started watching this last week and the first episode was weird trying to relate it to "Psycho" but the second episode is more about the town/characters. I think it'll get better over the next few episodes...

Girls Season 2
I love this show so much and can relate to some of the girls characters. It cracks me up every episode and Lana Dunham is amazing!

The Following Season 1
I'm really enjoying this show but some of the it can get a little annoying at times, frustrating as the characters don't seem to learn from their mistakes. In saying that I really like the concept.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale
This season was so goooood and I can't believe I have to wait 195 days until S4!! I think I need to read Paul's comics or re watch all the seasons to get my fix.

We watch a lot of other shows too but some haven't started a new season yet, roll on next week for Mad Men!! Yayyyyy!

Much love
Lulu xx
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  1. These are all on my DVR except Game Of Thrones! I have to get into that show!!! =) I can't wait to see how they are going to wrap of The Following in 4 weeks & the Bates Motel just keeps getting better & better!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I have been meaning to tell you about a show called "Ace of Cakes". do you know it? It is not on anymore but you can find it on YouTube. I think you (and maybe even Paul) would like it. :)

    We like watching "Touch" a lot. And it's on tonight!! (in the US though :))

    Madlyn x

    1. Oh yes I have seen it a few times! My fave cake show was Cake Boss! I watched every episode :D

      Never heard of 'Touch', what's it about? xx

  3. Hi sweet, didn't see you asked me what Touch was about until just now. Sorry! Hmmm..i am not sure how to explain it, i guess it's about how we are all connected and "touch" to help other people. But its a very exciting and action packed show!

    M x