Weekend Sunshine


This weekend the weather has been delightful and it was so lovely to spend time with Paul in the sunshine. We got up early Saturday to go for a veggie breakfast which was yummy and then went for a walk around town. Paul tried on a few suits to get an idea of what hes after for the wedding and we found one we both loved! He looked so handsome in the suit he chose, all we need to get now is a shirt, tie and shoes. Later that afternoon we finalized the wedding cake details and I'm really happy with what we decided, plus there's going to be a little surprise for our guests :) 

In the evening we had our friends over for dinner, I cooked chicken risotto for them and quorn chicken risotto for us. We chatted for ages whilst enjoying our dinner and then had vanilla cheesecake for dessert. Afterwards we took a stroll to a local pub for a drink but ended up not staying long because the music was far too loud!

Today we had a lazy morning having cuddles with Sookie before getting ready to head out for our Starbucks Sunday date. We try and go every other Sunday as a little treat. We shared a soya chai latte and a croissant whilst talking about what else we need to tick off our list of things to do. As we made our way home we stopped by to take a few photos. This evening we finally watched Gangster Squad and it was awesome! I love a bit of Gosling hehe!

I hope you all enjoyed the warmer, sunnier weather and had a lovely weekend!

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. i love the pictures in the sunshine! xo

    1. Thank you lovely! It's finally starting to feel like Spring here in the uk :) xx