Pinterest Weekly - Friday Favourites

Hello dears!

I've been having so much fun browsing through Pinterest this week and seeing so many wonderful pins. Here's a few things I've been pinning this week that are my faves!

1. Flower ice cubes. Perfect for summer.
2. Funfetti mini cakes are adorable!
3. OMG! Need one of these polaroids in my life!
4. In love with this home. I always dream of having a porch outside my home.
5. Pretty undies
6. I made vegan ice cream last year and been finding new recipes to try. These vegan ice lollies look delicious!

Today I plan to get more wedding stuff finished and chase up a few people that I haven't heard back from. One of them being our local jewelers who are doing our wedding rings. I'm waiting to hear back regarding cost and make sure they have the style we were after. Fingers crossed they do!

This afternoon I have a few errands to run and go pick up my blog business cards for the Birmingham Blog Summit tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this since January and cant wait to spend time with one of my best friends. Plus were meeting my friends Claire and Sophie at the train station so we can all go together. I have my notepad and pen at the ready to write down ideas and notes from each seminar. After the summit finishes we're all going for dinner somewhere afterwards before getting the train home. Its going to be a long day but will be worth it and look forward to learning new things :)

Are any of my UK readers going to the blog summit tomorrow? I'd love to meet you if you are!

Happy Friday everyone!

Much love
Lulu xx

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  1. Wonderful finds my dear! Loving the cake! I hope you have fun today. Wish I could meet you there and ride on the train! Oh that sounds lovely. :)

    1. I'm thinking of making similar mini cakes for my birthday in July. Saturday was amazing and I learnt so much at the Blog Summit :) xx

  2. I love those flower ice cubes!! I've been wanting to try that forever. I also like the look of the mini cake and the polaroid :)

    -Emma from little motley (last hours of international giveaway!)