World Baking Day ideas

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This Sunday 19th May is World Baking Day and its a day where you bake something out of your comfort zone. I am a huge cupcake baker so baking an actual cake is scary to me! I've been looking at different recipes this week and trying to decide what to bake. Last year I tried making a red velvet 3 layer cake but failed miserably. I missed something out of the recipe and it exploded everywhere in my oven, I then spent the next hour cleaning the oven which wasn't fun!

Here's what I'm thinking of baking from some of my favourite bake books but will decide on the day which one I will do :)

Caramel Slice

Chocolate and Banana loaf

Maraschino Cookies

Elderflower & Orange teacake

Will you be taking part? What are you thinking of baking?

Much love
Lulu xx

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