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Hello lovely's!

Its summer, summer, summer time!!!! Is officially here (for however long it decides to last) and I'm loving it! Yes, there are days where I'm melting and wish it was a little cooler but you know what I can't really moan. We hardly ever get a decent summer here in the UK so when its actually here, I want to do as much as I can outside! :) The last time we had a long hot summer was about 6-7 years ago and that's a blooming long time. Here are my summer faves for picks of the week -




1. I cant get enough of pretty lace dresses! This one I'm so in love with from Topshop!
2. These sunglasses are super cute and so my style from Bonlook
3.Can't go wrong with a pair of lovely peep toe wedges from Bait Footwear
4. I'm always in need of a new bag! What girl isn't right?! This Michael Kors bag is gorgeous!!
5. This Awaphui Moisture Mist Spray is a life saver for these hot days. Spritz over your face & body to cool you down. Great size to fit in your bag too!

This weekend was a relaxed one after working long hours the last couple of days at the salon. Paul & I went got invited to our friends house for dinner Saturday night which was lovely. We planned to do a BBQ in the garden but the weather was a little cooler than we hoped and we couldn't tell if it was going to rain. We opted to cook and eat indoors which was fine with us as we still had a wonderful time with all our friends. It was a lovely chilled evening of chatting, listening to music on the record player whilst playing with her young girls Elle & Mia. I love evenings like these and its reminded me that I need to do a dinner party soon! I love cooking and entertaining people with food good, good music and good conversations. I'm easily pleased me haha!

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  1. All of these together would make a wonderful outfit!

    1. I know right?! I kinda thought that once I posted it haha! This would be a perfect birthday outfit for my birthday next week :) xx

  2. Last time you had a hot summer was 6-7 years ago?! Wow... don't ever move to the south in the US! Every summer here is 95+ degrees and suffocatingly humid most days! haha. I love that outfit.. the dress is so pretty!

    1. I know right?! I'm not even kidding its been that long! We've had a rainy day today and the air feels a little better and not so humid. I dont know what I'd do if I lived in a 95+ degree place! xx

  3. Love the shoes the most! X

  4. I love that bag!!!!
    I am now following your blog! Looking forward to keeping up!


    1. Why thank you lovely! I shall be checking your blog out too :) xx