Things I Love - Picks Of The Week

This weeks picks for my things I love are a collections of outfits I'm trying to decide for our friends wedding in Palm Springs next month. I'm finding it extremely hard to choose, let alone find something that would be ideal for a desert wedding! I'm looking for an outfit for the rehearsal dinner too. Help! Haha!







1. Gold shimmer dress from Topshop that I'm thinking will look cute for the rehearsal dinner.
2. I'm so in love with this dress also from Topshop but not the price tag! Ekk!
3. I already have this gorgeous lace and sequin top but I can't find a skirt to go with it?! I'm thinking of wearing this to the wedding if I can find the perfect skirt.
4. I like the look of this skirt but not so much the colour.
5. This is cute but is it ideal for a wedding? Maybe not.
6. Loving the colour and length of this maxi skirt but will it go with my sequin top?

Although I have the sequin top for the potential wedding outfit I'd love to find a skirt similar to no.4 but ideally lilac or mint. If any of you find something whilst browsing the net please leave a link in the comments! :) Preferably just above the knee or a midi length skirt!

I'm liking the feel of wearing golds & cream for the rehearsal dinner and I have a pair of wedges that would go perfect. As most of you know I'm a lover of pastel colours so I really want to wear a lovely pastel shade for the wedding. I just can't find anything that will go well with my top!!

As I love shopping (in the sale) at Topshop I thought I'd share with you (because I love you all) a promo code I got sent via email from a friend. It will get you 10% discount at Topshop including sale items so you can sneak an extra item into your order guilt-free.

Heres the code- 09689386509385584938 and also a free shipping code if you spend over £50 use the code FREE50. Happy shopping!

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  1. Oooh that last skirt is so gorgeous! It's such hard work preparing for weddings, isn't it? So many outfits to plan! We've got two weekend weddings coming up in the next five weeks, and I'm so stressed about it all! Will keep an eye out for lilac skirts for you :)

    1. It really is and especially when you have no idea what the weather is going to be like! All I know its its going to be a lot warmer than here in the UK haha!

      That would be so great if you do find anything my dear :) xx

  2. I love how romantic all these pieces are, so beautiful and feminine.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the long mustard maxi skirt! X

  4. Your sequin top is gorgeous! I think you should find a lighter color maxi skirt to go with it, perhaps a blush pink or lilac?
    Great picks!

    Simply Akshara

    1. Im on the hunt for a maxi skirt in those shades! :) xx

  5. i am wearing that last skirt today!!! it's the BEST skirt!! <3

  6. Love the first dress and the peach skirt :)

    1. I got it in the sale but still can't find a skirt for my second outfit!!