San Diego & Palm Springs here we come!!


Well Paul & I are off on our honeymoon tomorrow and although I'm super excited I'm also really nervous! As I've expressed before I don't like flying so I have some tablets to take from my doctors to keep me calm. I also updated my iPod so it's up to date of my fave music and a good book to read for the journey. I'll be ok once I'm up in the air I think and plus I can always sleep as it's a long flight.

I can't wait to meet our friends and hang out with their family and friends. I'm going to take tons of photos and do all the tourist stuff like visit The Harbour, San Diego Zoo, go on bike rides around Palm Springs. Eeeeee so exciting!! It's also their wedding this weekend in Palm Springs so we cannot wait to celebrate in the desert!!

I kinda left it a bit late to email anyone that wanted to do guest posts while I'm away so I won't be posting until I'm back next week. Feel free to follow our adventures on my Instagram though if your not already!! Just click the button on the left hand side and I'll accept your request! ( I have it on private so I don't get weirdos commenting rude stuff all over my photos)

See y'all next week my dears!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip!!! Will be following your adventures on instagram!!:) XO

  2. so very exciting! have the best time!

  3. Wow, have a wonderful honeymoon!!

  4. Wait're coming to Southern California!!! OMG. I finally got your button up on my blog. xoxoxox