Things I Love - Picks Of The Week






1. Now being a married lady I'm in need of a new Alphabet tote and I just love this one! It'll remind me that it was the Best Day Ever hehe!
2. A wonderful friend of mine Hayley has recently set up the cutest little online shop of quirky gifts and homeware called Southwood Stores. I'm dying to get this postcard set as I cracks me up everytime I see them on her IG feed haha!
3. How stunning are these shoes! Perfect colour combo for all my outfits. These are on my wishlist for sure and there on sale check the website out here
4. My good friend Alison was wearing one of these midi rings and I instantly fell in love. I love everything on the Etsy shop and its all handmade! Can't wait to purchase a stack of these!
5. Two of my favourite things put together- Hello Kitty x Halloween! Perfect to add to my vinyl toy collection!!

Today is about catching up on everything on my to do list and also applying for jobs as I'm currently out of work again but I'm keeping postive that something will come up soon! I took a little break from blogging once I got back from my holiday. It took over a week to get my sleeping pattern back to normal and then the stress of being out of work got on top of me.

Thank you for coming back and being such loyal readers!

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  1. OMG! those cards are too funny!!! i would totally put them up in a kitchen! too precious!!! you must order those hex-rings! i'm totally wishing i would have bough more than i did!
    miss you tons, kitten!!!! <3

    1. I def want to ordered a few!!! Miss you too!!! :( xx

  2. i love those hello kitty halloween figures! so cute!

    lindsey louise

  3. Haha, those postcards are a hoot! Imagine if you actually sent them in the mail? I would give them to all my friends who share in my sense of humour.

    Hello Kitty and Hallowe'en are also some of my favourite things :)

    A Coin For the Well