Christmas 2013

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We had a lovely quiet Christmas this year and our first one as a married couple. We both agreed to not get each other anything due to our circumstances of being out of work. That didn't go to plan and we each secretly got a little something for each other. My parents sent over a bag full of presents Christmas Eve for each of us which was a lovely surprise. I got the most beautiful lonely bone ring from Bloody Mary Metal from Paul. If you haven't heard of them before you must check them out! I got Paul a handmade leather keyring he was after from a friend of mines online shop called Sail which he loved. 

I made nutella rolls for breakfast, as well as smoked salmon on granary toast with a glass of fresh orange juice which is a yearly tradition in this house. I cooked a yummy veggie roast dinner and I had no dilemmas this year. Its 2 years since we decided to go pescatarian since having a chicken disaster in the kitchen! We chilled out with my husband and Mother in Law to watch a few Christmas themed movies. We laughed, ate too many sweet treats and maybe drank too much of bubbly. 

Boxing Day we ventured out into town for some fresh air and to see what sales were on. We made a squirrel friend who was posing for pictures in the tree. He was super cute but I did have a vision of him suddenly jumping on our faces!! I normally hate the crowds during the Christmas/New years sales but managed to get some limited edition Yankee candles that were 30% off. The only sale shopping I like doing is online and I got stocked up on my fave Lush items in their 50% off sale! I always treat myself to Lush bits on Boxing Day as it only ever costs me around £20 for a years supply!

Another year is nearly up and I look forward to next Christmas already :) Did you all have a magical day? What gifts did you get?
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  1. I'm so glad to hear your christmas was a good one my dear :) Was thinking of you x My what a lovely cook you are! Can i come over to have a bite? ;) hehe smoked salmon is my fav.
    There is a Yankee candle store in our mall and when ever i pass it i think of you :) I did some good shopping this year too, never been much of an "after Christmas deals" person but boy did i luck out at Macy's!
    That is so special that it was your first Christmas as a married couple :) Oh that sounds fun, new years should be wonderful too.

    Lots of love and hugs,