Lately has been stressful with being out of work for the second time this year but no matter what I always think positively and try not to think of the negative side to things. I'm grateful for the close friends/family my husband and I have to make these hard times easier. I took a couple of weeks away from my blog and other social media sites to have some time to myself and focus on finding a new job. Keeping everything crossed I find something well suited for me in the New Year. I've got the feeling everything will fall into place once this month has passed. I'm just going to enjoy the festive season :)

I managed to venture down to London on a cheap ticket to see my friend Claire and see all the Christmas decorations a couple of weeks back. Seeing the huge carousel they had in Leicester square was a highlight of our day out!

Spending quality time with my little lady Sookie who has become really clingy lately. I'm rather liking it to be honest as shes more of a Daddy's girl.

I haven't done much DIY/crafting lately but I managed an evening of sewing on all the buttons I seem to have lost on my cardigans and dresses. No more lost buttons!

Painting my nails for the festive season and my faves being Chanel rouge noir with O.P.I rainbow glitter over the top. Anything that has glitter and sparkle I love!

A playful Sookie whos new favourite game is fetching with her colourful pipe cleaners. Too cute!

Enjoying Christmas Starbucks after a long walk with my husband Paul :)

Attending our first Christmas party at a friends house. We enjoyed the most delicious mulled cider and ate yummy canapés! They had 4 Christmas trees around the house but this one pictured being our fave because of how huge it was! We also made new friends with a cat called Gruzwald. Best name ever!

Paul and I's yearly tradition towards Christmas is our version of 12 days of Christmas which we start on the 12th December up until 24th. They hang above us on our bed frame to be opened each morning. We each write out 6 cards and pop them in the numbered envelopes without neither of us seeing each others. Then each day one of us opens the number and a surprise note that can be anything from going for a coffee date or watch a movie with popcorn. All surprise notes being at a low cost or free! Its just a silly little tradition we do to keep ourselves amused haha!

What have you been up to lately? Do you have any Christmas traditions you do yearly?

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  1. It looks like you have been having a wonderful December! <3

  2. The 12 days of Christmas notes is such an adorable tradition. Love it!
    And I really hope you find a job that you enjoy, keep the positive attitude... things will fall into place soon. :)