Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Love Hearts


Today I'm sharing with you a super easy 'no bake' recipe to make a sweet treat gift ideal for your loved one and perfect for Valentines Day! Not so long ago I purchased a heart mould that I've been itching to use and this was a great opportunity to start using it. Whether these are for a romantic gesture or a sweet gift for a friend, they'll love these dark chocolate & raspberry love hearts!

Here's what you'll need -

200g good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa) - broken into pieces
4 tbsp freeze dried raspberries (or any preferred dried ingredient's)

medium bowl
wooden spoon
tea towel
palette knife
heart shaped mould

1. Place two-thirds of the broken chocolate into a mixing bowl and place it over a saucepan that's half filled with water but the water shouldn't be touching the bowl. Bring the water to a gentle simmer and don't let it boil or the chocolate will burn.

2. Leave the chocolate to gently heat and melt, stirring occasionally. When it has all melted, remove the bowl from the saucepan and wrap a tea towel around the bowl to prevent the chocolate from cooling too quickly.

3. Place the remaining third of the chocolate into the bowl and stir. When the chocolate has melted, leave to one side whilst you prepare the heart mould.

4. Make sure when you use a mould that its clean, dry and lint free, then use a teaspoon to transfer the chocolate into each heart. Use a second spoon to scrape the chocolate away from the first spoon. each heart should be full but don't worry if it goes over the edges.

5. Once all the hearts are filled, holding the sides lightly tap on the surface so any trapped air bubbles disappear. You'll also see if any of the hearts need topping up if they're not filled completely. If any of the hearts become overfilled, gently scrape away excess chocolate with a palette knife. Smooth it from one side to the other and then place the excess chocolate back in the bowl.

6. Time for the fun bit! Pour a handful of the dried raspberry into your hand, sprinkle over each filled heart so that each heart is fully covered. Repeat this process until all are done.

7. Now place the mould in the fridge for about 30-40 minutes, when the chocolates are ready they should be hard and would have shrunk away from the sides a little. To remove the chocolates from the mould flex the sides and the chocolate should pop out.

8. Flip the chocolates over so you can see the glossy surface of your sweet treats! One key thing to do when removing the hearts from the mould is make sure your hands aren't too warm. I have really warm hands and nearly melted mine whilst doing this.

9. Your sweet treat loves hearts are done but why not make them more personal by wrapping each heart in gold foil. Place in a either a small box with tissue paper or clear bag with ribbon. Either way your loved one will love these delightful love hearts!! Enjoy!

I'd love to know if your making anything for your loved one? Do you have anything planned?

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  1. These look amazing! My personal goal is to lean to make decent (as in not horrible) chocolate dipped strawberries haha


  2. Oh these look lovely Lauz. Especially in the gold wrap. Seriously you should do a few bags of these up and sell them next year for Valentines. Good job x

  3. Wow, these look delicious!
    Also, I'm excited to find your blog and more excited to find out that we are from the same home town!

    ~ K