Things I Love - Picks Of The Week

I'm going on my first ever hen weekend (I don't include my own) on the 25th April and seeing as I haven't done a weekly 'Things I Love' post for ages, I thought this would be a good round up of the outfit I'm thinking of getting.




1. here I've been lusting after the Hell Bunny flamingo dress for absolutely ages so I'm finally stalking a few on eBay! Keeping all my fingers crossed I get one!

2. here The super cute shell bag I've loved for a while and I think it'll go well with the outfit. Its the perfect size and would go nicely with a few other dresses I have.

3. here The shoes are from a favourite online store but I doubt I'll be able to get them in time for the hen weekend. Would any of you ladies know a website you could recommend in the UK that would have something similar?

As I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like in a few weeks time, I'll be wearing a fitted cream cardigan just in case its chilly. Though saying that I always wear a fitted cardigan with all my dresses.

Have you been on a hen weekend before? If so where did you go? I'd love to hear your stories of where you ventured to :)

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  1. The flamingo dress is absolutely stunning! Hope you got lucky on ebay :)
    xo Eveline from