I Confess... I'm A Luxulite Hoarder!

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I thought I'd share with you my ever growing collection of brooches and confess (if you didn't know already) I'm officially a Luxulite hoarder! I don't think I leave the house without wearing a brooch of some kind (I have loads!) and recently it's always a Luxulite brooch. If you follow me on Instagram you'll possibly know how much I love them. They're each individually hand made and crafted by the ever so lovely & talented Katy who is... Luxulite!

I first came across Katy's brooches on Etsy whilst searching for some newbies and then saw that Modern June Cleaver (Amanda) was wearing one in one of her posts on IG. I knew then I just had to purchase one and I haven't looked back since! Each brooch comes perfectly wrapped in tissue paper & twine and sealed with the Luxulite approval sticker in a small brown box. Each brooch is slightly different making them unique and only a handful of the same kind are made. I love to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit so most of my collection has a dose of confetti & glitter.

My most recent purchase is this giant 'Georgia Peach' which is even more amazing in real life! I was ecstatic when I managed to snag one of these hot cakes (or rather hot peaches) as I missed out on the first batch and I was gutted to say the least. Katy then told me she was making a few more so I kinda stalked her Etsy & IG page like a hawk to make sure I didn't miss out the second time around. I also snagged the huge autumn acorn that my sweet husband got me, as he knows how much I love anything to do with Autumn! How fricking awesome is the 'Pumpkin Pie' Halloween inspired one AND the gorgeous sparkly 'Witching Hour' number!! Katy truly is the lucite brooch queen!

Do you have a favourite brooch by Luxulite or which one are you dying to purchase?

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