Lucky Dip Club Donut Dinerette 1/12

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Hooray for the start of this years Lucky Dip Club boxes!! What a cold and wet January it was and just think only 5 weeks left of Winter. WooHoo! January's theme was Donut Dinerette which features talented illustrator Mel Stringer artwork. I've been excited about this box after seeing a sneak peek of the 'Girl Gang' pin Leona shared on Instagram. Every piece in this months box has been designed by Mel exclusively for Lucky Dip Club. I gotta say donuts are my jam and not only that but its all pastel themed!

I've been loving the necklace and pretty much haven't took it off. What I love about the necklaces in these boxes is how good a quality they are. I get allergic reactions with most necklaces but with this one I haven't had any which instantly became a firm favourite of mine. Who doesn't love a good embroidery patch that is perfect for those days when you just 'Donut Care'. The only thing I have missing is a faux leather or jean jacket to add my patch too. Hmmm I think a charity shop hunt for one is on the 'to do' list. I also need to find the perfect pastel frame for my print. Any recommendations?

We also got the first issue of Girl Planet which features an array of talented peoples, what LDC loves, a DIY challange page (this months is: Donut Pinata) and an adorble Pet Corner page featuring Tiny Grey Cats gorgeous cat Molly Mayhem. A huge well done to Zabby whos the editor for an incredible first issue of Girl Planet :)

Here's the full details of what we got:
  • Girl Plant Issue 1
  • 'Donut Forget' Dry Wipe Magnet & Pen
  • Enamel Donut & Bow Necklace
  • 'Donut Forget' A5 Art Print
  • 'I Donut Care' Embroidery Patch
  • Donut Sticker Set
I can't really say I have a favourite for Januarys box as I LOVE everything. But us girls gotta stick together so the 'Girl Gang' pin was an awesome addition to add to my collection. Therefore I'd say that is my fave :) If you hadn't noticed already I made a slight typo error on my dry wipe magent...I put LCD instead of LDC. Whoops! It wasn't until I posted on my Instagram that I noticed HaHa!

If you're new to my blog and don't know what I'm going on about go to my first un-boxing here to find out all the details. If you love cute stationary, kitsch personalised accessories, overall cute stuff and want a surprise of goodies every month get yourself a box!! I highly recommend getting the monthly subscription so you don't miss out. Set your alarm for 7am on the 1st of every month to get your box!!!

See you next week for my Valentines post and don't forget to enter my giveaway with Luxulite that ends on 15th February! All giveaway details can be found here.

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