Bestie Potter Pinup Adventures

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Today's post I thought I'd share a day out with a few of my besties to Harry Potter Studios from last year. I'm missing these ladies a lot lately (we live in in different towns across the UK) and whilst sorting through my photos on my Macbook, I totally forgot I hadn't posted about our fabulous day out.

As we're all rather big fans of Harry Potter and Pinup we decided to dress up and make a whole day of it! I'm house Ravenclaw so I teamed my house cardigan and brooch with a Lindy Bop full skirt, Haus of Haute blouse, Topshop lace up flats (no longer available) and a brown vintage bag. Lipstick is Tom Ford in Flamingo and glasses are Skunkboy in Pink Posey (currently sold out) by Bonlook. Sophie, Amy and Kayla all wore variations of Griffindor outfits, though Amy is Team Ravenclaw like me! ;)

We enjoyed visiting the Hogwarts Express for the first time since it opened and took lots of photos. Drank traditional butterbeer and shared butterbeer ice cream until we felt sick. We finished the day eating burritos at Chimichangas chatting about our next meet up before heading home.

We all had such an amazing day and caught the attention of all the staff at the studios who said how fabulous we looked! I look forward to visiting again with these babes later this year. I often get asked if I get bored of visiting the studios time and time again. For which I answer, No... How can you get bored of visiting the place where it all started with your besties!? Now we just need our own Wizarding World and my nerd self will be very happy!

Find my besties below:


I hope to see all you Pinups at the Britsh Belle Pinup Picnic on 2nd July starting at 12pm. Find out all the info over on  The British Belles

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Lucky Dip Club Be My Galentine/Bunnyland 1 & 2 /12


February Unboxing

Spring has finally sprung and by that I mean it hasn't stopped raining! Ha! I love the fact it is getting to that time of year where the sun is shining, everyone has huge smiles on their faces and the birds are singing first thing in the morning. I put together the last two boxes into one post so I don't get myself behind on my unboxing posts! For February's box theme it was 'Be My Galentine' which features talented up and coming illustrators Emma Margaret, Samantha Eynon and Louby from All Her Glory. Every piece in this months box has been designed by the 3 lovely ladies exclusively for Lucky Dip Club.

Here's the full details of what we got:
  • Girl Plant Issue 2
  • BFF Two Part Keyrings
  • Pack of 4 Girl Gang Greetings Cards
  • To Thine Own Self Be True Notebook
  • Unicorn & Rainbow Enamel Pin
  • GIRLS Glitter Banner DIY Kit
The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was the two part BFF keyrings designed by Samantha Eynon. 'Make friends Make friends & Never ever Break friends' My best friend Claire lives in Oxfordshire so we don't see as much of each as we'd like to but I know she'll love this. Plus we've both got a thing for keyrings... may have way too many that I can never find the house key. Whoops! Next up goodies designed by Emma Margaret. I love LOVE sending letters/cards to my friends so the Girl Gang greetings cards are just what I needed. Always forgetting to make notes of what ideas for blog posts so the notebook is pretty rad to keep to hand. My enamel pin game is going strong which now includes the awesome unicorn rainbow pin! As well as brooches, I have a huge amount of pins too! Lastly the GIRLS glitter banner by All Her Glory which now hangs proudly above my craft/blogging desk. Girls rule everything around us and don't you forget it ;)

We also got issue 2 of Girl Planet which features an array of talented peoples such as jewellery designers Lorelai Halls & Clare Dutton of Dolly Cool, a DIY challenge page (this months is: Cute Card Box) and an adorable Pet Corner page featuring Bailey Boo.

I'd have to say for February's box my favourite piece has to be the keyrings, as I'll always smile when I see it and think of my bestie.

Next up March's Unboxing

For March's box theme it was 'Bunnyland' which features one of my favourite illustrators Pony People. Every piece in this months box has been designed by Pony People exclusively for Lucky Dip Club. We also have super crafter Ruth Oliver who runs The Make Arcade who's put together the crochet DIY kit for us.

Here's the full details of what we got:
  • Girl Plant Issue 3
  • Hand Painted Personalised Bunny Brooch
  • Strawbunny Enamel Pin
  • Pastel Bunny Card Wallet
  • Bunny Love Sticker Set
  • Crochet Bunny Plant Pot Cosy DIY Kit
The personalised bunny brooch was the first thing that I noticed opening this box and I literally put it on straight away. A super cute bunny DIY kit that I will try to make, I've tried crochet once before and I was rubbish! The step by step instructions should help a great deal though. Bunny stickers to add to my collection, an enamel strawbunny enamel pin which I just adore is now placed on my jean jacket amougmst some of my other faves. Lastly a pastel bunny card wallet that has inside mini motivational cards. I love little details like these as they can turn your frown upside down in no time!

Issue 3 of Girl Planet which features talented peoples such as Sally McAdam of Hand Sally Your Fairy Cakes, who LDC loves, A Day In The Life, a DIY challenge page (this months is: Sparkle Bunny Ears) and an adorable Pet Corner page featuring Lola the cutest bunny. Thanks to Zabby for the incredible issues of Girl Planet and Leona for always being an inspirational boss lady :)

My favourite piece from this box would have to be... gosh this is a hard choice but I'd say the personalised bunny brooch! I wore it all Easter weekend and only just put it away!

If you're new to my blog and don't know what I'm going on about go to my first unboxing here to find out all the details. If you love cute stationary, kitsch personalised accessories, overall cute stuff and want a surprise of goodies every month get yourself a box!! I highly recommend getting the monthly subscription so you don't miss out. Set your alarm for 7am on the 1st of every month to get your box!!!

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the little things!

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