Bestie Potter Pinup Adventures

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Today's post I thought I'd share a day out with a few of my besties to Harry Potter Studios from last year. I'm missing these ladies a lot lately (we live in in different towns across the UK) and whilst sorting through my photos on my Macbook, I totally forgot I hadn't posted about our fabulous day out.

As we're all rather big fans of Harry Potter and Pinup we decided to dress up and make a whole day of it! I'm house Ravenclaw so I teamed my house cardigan and brooch with a Lindy Bop full skirt, Haus of Haute blouse, Topshop lace up flats (no longer available) and a brown vintage bag. Lipstick is Tom Ford in Flamingo and glasses are Skunkboy in Pink Posey (currently sold out) by Bonlook. Sophie, Amy and Kayla all wore variations of Griffindor outfits, though Amy is Team Ravenclaw like me! ;)

We enjoyed visiting the Hogwarts Express for the first time since it opened and took lots of photos. Drank traditional butterbeer and shared butterbeer ice cream until we felt sick. We finished the day eating burritos at Chimichangas chatting about our next meet up before heading home.

We all had such an amazing day and caught the attention of all the staff at the studios who said how fabulous we looked! I look forward to visiting again with these babes later this year. I often get asked if I get bored of visiting the studios time and time again. For which I answer, No... How can you get bored of visiting the place where it all started with your besties!? Now we just need our own Wizarding World and my nerd self will be very happy!

Find my besties below:


I hope to see all you Pinups at the Britsh Belle Pinup Picnic on 2nd July starting at 12pm. Find out all the info over on  The British Belles

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