Atomic Cat

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Atomic Cat Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar on sale) // Skirt: Lindy Bop // Tights: Primark // Patent Shoes: Black Irella by Bait Footwear // Skunkboy Posey Pink Glasses: Bonlook

As I'm awaiting my baby boys arrival any day now, I found this post in my drafts that I didn't get around to posting last year. I thought seeing as my next few posts will possibly be baby related that I'd post this for you. 

My day has been a pretty chilled out one and getting the last few bits together for my hospital bag. I
got up early, made myself breakfast and a cup of tea. I chilled out in my room for a bit with Pumpkin whilst watching the last few episodes of Season 7 of Gilmore Girls. It's been a Netflix day to say the least.

I've been taking it easy the last week or so, as baby boy is laying on a nerve in my back which has become horrendously painful!! :( Thankfully it's not so bad today and keeping my fingers crossed the pain stays at bay. I know I have a lot more pain coming my way but being able to move about would be ideal.

Baby's boys due date is fast approaching and I already have my 40 week midwife appointment this coming Monday, if he doesn't make an appearance by then. Please don't be too late little one! :)

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