Highlights of 2016

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It's been a while since I have opened my MacBook to sit down to write a blog post, I have good reason for being so MIA the last 6 months. I'm pregnant with our first baby, a boy and due any day now. As my clothes started not to fit me, my confidence went out the window. Thus not posting much due to not feeling comfortable. It has been quite a roller coaster but so excited to have my little one in my arms! I mean newborn cuddles are the best right?!

I'll be doing in depth post of my whole experience with my pregnancy. The good, the bad and the things they don't tell you about!

For the time being here are my highlights of 2016

Starting the year reviewing some of my favourite accessory brands Luxulite here and Femme De Bloom here

Posting about my favourite Pinup Girl jenny skirt before I couldn't fit into anymore due to growing bump! ha!

Sweet n Sour Vintage
Being sent a stunning handmade dress by the lovely Natalie of Sweet n Sour Vintage.

After years of trying for a baby and luck not going our way, we decided to adopt our sweet little Pumpkin. He's a dapple mini dachshund and was born on 18th February 2016 in France. (We collected him beginning of June, as we had to wait for him to have all his jabs and passport first.) Bonjour!

Pregnancy Announcement
The following month we found out we were expecting our rainbow baby due January 2017. We announced it in the Summer, after making sure everything was OK with baby. Definitely the best moment so far during 2016!

It's A Boy!
Finding out at our 20 week scan we were having a boy!! Feeling overjoyed and grateful to be having a healthy baby we'd longed for.

Baby Shower
Having a beautiful Autumnal pumpkin themed baby shower organised by my bestie Claire. Spending time with my favourites, receiving lovely baby gifts and enjoying delicious food at Nannas Kitchen. Finished off with homemade spiced pumpkin cinnamon rolls!

My handmade baby shower invites made by yours truly :)


Tiny but Mighty
My Aussie friend Donna gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Oliver at 24 weeks due to complications. Our boys were due at the same time so this has been something that I hold close to my heart.

I set up a Go Fund Me to raise money to support them travelling to visit Oliver and to make sure they had everything they needed. Amazing generous peeps managed to raise over $11,000 Aussie dollars in 2 months. Truly grateful for everyone's support for my baby boys best friend!

He's now a healthy weight and although there's still a long road ahead, Oliver will be going home in the next few weeks!

Favourite Season
Halloween being my favourite holiday and wearing all the pumpkins themed accessories. I had to document feeling pretty that day!

Walks with Pumpkin
Walks with my mini best friend up until the last week or so, as I can't walk far due to my awfully painful back ache!

Bump progression
Watching my bump grow every week and morning sickness finishing. Thank goodness. That was not fun and definitely not just in the morning. They should rename it all day sickness!!

28th August - 20 weeks

18th September - 23 weeks

9th October - 26 weeks

16th October - 27 weeks

23rd October - 28 weeks

30th October - 29 weeks

13th November - 31 weeks

 4th December - 34 weeks

 25th December - 37 weeks on Christmas Day!

1st January - 38 weeks and 4 days!

And now we wait for baby G's arrival with his due date being in 11 days. I'm feeling excited, nervous and in pain but all will be worth while! Now hurry up baby we want to meet you!!

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1 comment

  1. These are wonderful!! Happy New Year doll!! Can't wait for your bundle of joy, so exciting!! I hope you're taking it easy - if possible at the moment. I know the end moments are a real struggle to get relaxed and at ease when everything is sore!! xx