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 Purple Poppy

I have seriously become addicted to these beautiful handmade hair flowers by my talented friend, fellow blogger Tara Nashville. I recently stayed with her and she gave me a few whilst I was there with Winter and OH MY GOSH, they're amazing!

I find it so hard to find good quality handmade flowers that don't fall a part or look 'tacky' looking or overpriced. Each hair piece is made with good quality flowers and attached to a sturdy crocodile clip. I've been wearing a couple of them the last few days and they didn't fall out or need adjusting at all. I have had a few people ask me if these are real flowers in my hair. That's when you know when someone has done there research of high quality pieces to sell that actually last. But also look REAL.

 Tiga-Lily and Alstroemerias hair flower (My favourite!!)

Previous hair pieces I've purchased have even fallen a part after a few wears or frayed around the edges. When you pay a bit more than the usual, you'd expect to have something that will last.

Beautiful Sunflower

Hair flowers are the perfect way to finish off a hair style.  They're also great to stick in your hair on a super lazy day or hide an imperfection from a style that hasn't worked out. That's pretty much how my hair styles are these days with not a lot of time with a 2 month old baby! Ha!

Hydrangea cluster large off white
Royal blue large rose
White hair flower

My Tara Nashville Flower Collection

No order placed is too big or too small and is open to custom orders if you don't see something you're after on the website. Make sure you follow Tara Nashville on her Instagram for the latest creations and purchase them here. She's currently got discount on the large blue roses for the month of April for Autism Awareness. I already have my eye on a few more I'll be purchasing! I mean you can never have enough hair flowers, right? :)

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