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*Hands up* who watched the new Twin Peaks?! It was weird and wonderful just how I've always liked it. I've been a huge huge fan of the show since I watched it a few years back. I was already a big Lynch fan but never really watched the show fully. I remembered the show being aired in the 90s but I was really young. I was incredibly excited once I saw David Lynch announce on his Twitter that it was making a comeback after 25yrs.

As the new show has finally aired, I thought I'd share with you a Twin Peaks secret dinner I arranged to go to with my husband a couple of years back. It was possibly the best most amazing evening ever!!! They were SUPER strict on no photos rule so it didn't spoil it for anyone that may upload onto social media for those that hadn't yet attended. We managed to snag a few photos but nothing that really gave too much away. From the first step into the building of the secret location, everything and everyone was in character. And when I mean in character, I mean fully in character!!!

Now I won't go into too much detail as I'll let the photos and videos speak for themselves, the video above was filmed on my iPhone. Also you can find out more about the event here and see more from Lemonade and Laughing Gas who created this whimsical experience.

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