Hawaiian Suzy // Rock & Romance

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I love wearing all the floral prints during the Summer so I was delighted to receive this wonderful 1950s style dress from Rock n Romance. They kindly gifted me this as a birthday present back at the end of July.
The fabric is light with an elasticated waistband and ties up at each shoulder. I could of easily sized down from a size UK 14 to a UK 12 in this plus it's really flattering. The large pockets are ideal for carrying your phone and card wallet if you didn't want to carry a bag. Perfect for during the day or evening with a cropped cardigan, just like how I've styled it for you!

 Being 5ft it is longer than the usual dresses I wear but I kinda like it. I found the belt that came with the dress a bit annoying as it kept loosening throughout the day. Meaning I had to keep adjusting it so I changed it up and opted for a basic white belt instead. This didn't change my mind about the dress itself though. I adore it and it's been a keen favourite this Summer for sure!

Outfit Details
Dress: c/c Suzy dress by Rock & Romance // Cardigan: c/c Mak sweater // Minnetonkas: Campbell Crafts // Hair flower: Tara Nashville Flowers // Earrings: c/c Luxulite // Glasses: Skunkboy frames By Bonlook // Custom necklace: Bloody Mary Metal

Special little guest on todays post, my mini dashchund Pumpkin wanted to be included in the photos! I hope you're all having a great week lovelys :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about the cropped cardigans I wear and where to purchase them within the UK!!

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London Edge // Autumn 2017

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Well I did it, I went to London Edge and I was extremely happy with myself. Over the last few years I've always wanted to go but my anxiety got the better of me. But since having Winter I want to push myself forward to get out to events. As this was my first London Edge I thought I'd go all out and wear a full Halloween themed outfit. All the black and orange!

I got the train down pretty early to make sure I had enough time to get to the venue. It ended up being straight forward and I arrived by 10am. I met up with my friend Jamiee to have a mooch around and catch up with a couple of other ladies too including Vintage Doll Laura.

Our first stop was checking out the new collection by Love U Look Clothing and oh my there's so many delightful pieces coming soon! There's definitely a few dresses and a certain jacket I'd like to get and I know they'll be very popular. Ronka allowed to take a couple of photos from an angle of whats to come. Excited for these new pieces to be available.

Jaimee having a browse through the current and Spring/Summer 18 collection.

I've been dying to see these amazing raincoats for ages in person and my gosh it wasn't disappointing! Each one is made using traditional methods to create these 'made to order' coats and there's many styles to choose from. The most popular design is the vintage style 1950s pleated design that has a belt around the middle and a hood to keep you pageboy dry. Perfect!

I didn't get the chance to try one on as it was quite busy but Melissa the lovely lady at the booth was very helpful. I definitely want to get one now its coming into Autumn, as I haven't found any other raincoat that's my kind of style.

Next was checking a new brand called Retuned Style, after engaging with them on social media a few weeks before. I was greeted to a warm smile and hug by Amanda which instantly made me feel at ease. Her lovely co-worker Sonia was just as lovely too. I got a little anxious walking around so I was happy to find them easy enough.

We got chatting about their new creations that are currently in production. Each piece is beautifully made with good quality fabric and fully lined. My top three were definitely the ones I've added below! I can see all these pieces becoming very popular and I'm excited for them, as I know lots of ladies who will love them just as much as me :)

What can I say, Woody Ellen bags are stunning! Jamiee and I got talking to the lovely lady behind Woody Ellen about how she creates them. Belgium artist Ellen started of as a children's book illustrator, before turning her paintings into bags back in 2013. Each piece is vibrant and the attention to detail is incredible. Truly inspirational.

After chatting for a while and talking about her artwork, she very kindly gave Jamiee and I a small clutch bag each! I mean, I was lost for words and truly honoured to meet her in person, let alone be given a bag from her collection! I'll definitely be buying a bag or two to add to my collection in the near future!

These were just a few from her collections including collaborations with Idda Van Muster and Acid Doll. Both were designed with each lady in mind!

We also got to meet her wonderful and charming husband Maarten who wanted a few photos taken with us.
Jamiee with her gifted clutch that went perfectly with her hair flower. Maarten & I. More photos can be found on their facebook page here

The wondeful lady herself Ellen of Woody Ellen Bags, Jamiee & I

Jamiees Outfit
Vixen Dress: Vixen By Micheline Pitt // Necklace, earrings & bangles: All Splendette // Glasses: Keiko frames by Bonlook

My Outfit of The Day
Top: Pinup Girl Clothing // Wiggle skirt: Vixen x Ben Copper limited edition for Vixen by Micheline Pitt // Ballet flats: Primark // Bangles: Splendette // Hair flower: Tara Nashville Flowers // Glasses: Keiko frames by Bonlook // Necklace: Custom W inital necklace by Bloody Mary Metal

Overall I had a lovely afternoon with friends and of course Jamiee, as it was our last meet up before she was making her way back home to New Zealand. She'll be terribly missed and hope she comes back very soon!!

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