Pumpkin Picking Halloween 2017 // The Popup Farm

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Bringing something different to the Blog this week. I thought I'd share a day out with my Grandma  and Winter. We decided to venture to a Pop up Farm that wasn't too far from where my Grandma lives to go pumpkin picking, we wanted to do something special for Winters first Halloween and let him 'pick' his own pumpkin. We also wanted this to be the start of a yearly tradition for us.

I'm definitely that person that loves this time of year and loves everything pumpkin related, my best friend across the pond sends me a huge box of Halloween and pumpkin treats every year. Autumn is my favourite season after all.

Winter loved all the pumpkins I mean, look at his sweet little face! It was a beautiful sunny day and not too busy so we collected a wheelbarrow and strolled on down to the pumpkin patch. Winter was excited to sit in the wheelbarrow, of course we had to take lots of photos and the farm had photo prop areas which was perfect.

I let Winter have a crawl around in the hay and play with the pumpkins, we found a couple of small pumpkins that were decent (not rotten) and popped them in the wheelbarrow. Winter was looking after them and was hugging them on the way back to the stall to pay. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever seeing his face light up!

I wore my "Trick n Treat" sweetheart dress that was the perfect for pumpkin picking. Winter had on a skeleton onesie. A few lovely ladies complimented me on my outfit and of course that one person that thought I was wearing a costume! *LOL*

I can't believe that Winter is now 9 months old and growing up so quickly. It's hard to process that in 3 months he's turning 1 years old! *cry's*

 Anyway back to Halloween... we're going to a Halloween party with my Mum and siblings tonight, we've been going there the last couple of years. Kids fancy dress party, games, entertainment, spooky train rides plus yummy food and drinks are included in the ticket too. We love it and I'm curious to see how Winter reacts or will he just be asleep throughout the whole evening? Either way its going to be tons of fun! 

What plans do you have for Halloween? Do you know what you're dressing up as? I'd love to know your ideas!

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