Happy 1st Birthday Grayson Winter Wolfe

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I'm currently sat up in bed writing this post at 11pm at night with Winter fast asleep beside me. To think this time last year I was having contractions and I'd just got sent home from the hospital. I was only 2cm dilated so my husband was running me a bath to ease the discomfort. I remember the contractions being intense and really bloody uncomfortable! My waters broke around 5am on 25th January at home as I walked into our bedroom after being sent home yet again... but this time I knew I needed to get to hospital. 

We spent the day having contractions and our beautiful baby boy Grayson Winter Wolfe was born that evening on 25th January at 8:32pm. I could write a whole chapter on the whole labouring process but A LOT happened so maybe I'll save that for another time. I've been finding it hard to get my head around how quickly one whole year has gone by... I've cried numerous times the last week or so. I just know I'll be a blubbering mess in the morning!

Our wonderful, smiley rainbow baby is growing up and he's becoming such a character. He knows who we are, his whole face lights up when he sees Mama & Dadda. He adores is sweet pup Pumpkin and its so wonderful to see them play together. I look forward to all the new memories and adventures we're going to have. 

A Letter To Our Wolfe Cub
Darling Winter,
We adore you very much and we're so thankful to have you. After waiting years for you to be in our arms, we are happy to have such a sweet boy like you for keeps! I often watch you sleep and have to pinch myself that you are real. I/we love you so much and thank you for making me a Mummy. Your Dadda adores the bones of you too. We feel very lucky my darling boy.
You'll forever be Our Little Wolfe Cub.
Love Mama

Tomorrow we are making a pack up and taking a trip to the Sealife Centre, Winter loves Finding Dory so I can't wait to see his face when we get there to see all the fishes!  Followed by a family gathering on Sunday at my Grandmas/Great Grandma (Gigi) house to celebrate with a cake and a few presents. 

I've always wondered are any of my readers parents? I'd love to know in the comments below!
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