Lulus Wonderland is a great way to reach an audience with interest in personal style, retro reproduction & vintage fashion!

Please bare in mind I only take reviews, collaborations or accept sponsorshps with brands I already love/wear. If I review an item and it doesn't hold up to my quality standards, I have the right not to post it. I want to be true and honest to my readers and the brands I represent to Lulus Wonderland.

Blog Statistics:
Pageviews per month as of January 2018 -4,000-6,500
Instagram: 2,422 - Weekly profile views around 13,000 // Twitter/Pinterest Combined: 1,154 // Facebook: 105 Likes

I have worked with brands such as:

Karina Dresses
Mak Sweater
Sweet n Sour Vintage
Campbell Crafts Vintage
Tara Nashville Flowers
Rock & Romance
Audrey Stars Boutique
Bloody Nora Pam

Lulus Wonderand is a for profit blog. My views and opinions on this blog are purely my own and are not swayed by sponsors or affiliates. Ads are subject to approval and I reserve the right to decline or terminate any sponsorships or products (including gifted items) if I do not feel the brand or product doesn't hold up to my quality standards. Any items that are sent to me free-of-charge are marked 'c/o' or 'gifted' in my posts. All photography is my own and should not be used anywhere else without written permission in writing. Any photography that is not mine is linked back to the original source.

If you would like to collaborate with Lulus Wonderland please send me an email to:


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